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——Prestressed Tension Equipment——

Automation of prestressing tensioning equipment meets technical requirements, saves workload and labor time.

——Prestressed Tension Equipment——

It is used for manned steel bar erection along fixed track. Fixed screw is installed at the front end of the machine, fixed screw is embedded at the end of the track, and steel bar is erected from the beginning to the end of the track.

—— Washing Equipment——

The cleaning machine can remove the solid residue left on the pre-stressed floor during the production process, make it smooth, and keep the track dry and clean, so as to lay the reinforcing bar again.

The design saves time, manpower and water, and meets the improvement of production efficiency and the increase of operational efficiency.

—— Conveying & Palletizing Device——

—— Application Program——

This application is equipped with high technology and allows full computerization, thanks to its simple and thoughtful procedures, which directly spray printing on finished products. Logo products, aesthetic value-added, greatly improve the image of manufacturers.

—— Cement Cutter——

The track-type cement cutting machine, from the simplest model to the latest series of fully automated C50U cutting depth up to 500 mm, is equipped with a variety of types of cutters to meet the requires of different customers, with low maintenance costs, simple operation and safety. The track cutter is flexible in rotation and can cut at multiple angles (such as transverse and longitudinal). According to the cutting depth, the height can be raised by 30, 40 or 50 cm, including cooling water pump, and equipped with wires and soft water pipes.

Its operation has manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic cycle reduction and positioning adjustment, and different degrees of automation are realized in production.

—— Floor Forming Equipment——

Used for making porous floor walls. This can be used in industry to correct deformities, ridges and subsidence, and even produce in the manufacturing sector to achieve 100% commercialization. The mixer adopts a unique hopper separation design. The mixing material is hoisted to the floor shaping machine by traveling crane, and the material is discharged by double open doors.

——Auxiliary Equipment——

——Palletizing Device——

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