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Simple production line: Putting different aggregates in the Batching Station, it will measure them to the required weight and then combine with the cement from cement silo. All of the materials will then be sent to the mixer. After being mix evenly, the belt conveyer will convey the materials to the Block Making Machine. The finished blocks after being cleaned by the block sweeper will be transferred to the stacker. The folk lift or two workers can take the blocks to the yard for natural curing.


1 Batching and Mixing Plant

The batching and mixing system consists of a multi-component batching station which automatically weighs and conveys the aggregate to the compulsory mixer. The cement is transported from the cement silo using a screw conveyor and automatically weighed at the mixer. Once the mixer has completed its cycle the concrete will be transported using our overhead skip system to the fully automatic block machine system.

2 Block machine

The concrete is pushed into place by a feeder box and spread evenly into the bottom female mould. The top male mould is then inserted into the bottom mould and the use synchronized table vibration from both moulds to compact the concrete into the desired block. The machine can have a fully automatic face mix section added to allow the production of colored pavers.  

Optional block machine models:QT6-15,QT8-15,QT9-15,QT10-15,QT12-15.


The fresh blocks are cleaned to make sure they are all the same height and then transported to the stacker. Then the fork lift will take all pallets of blocks to the yard for natural curing.

——Simple Automatic Production Line——

Simple Automatic Concrete Block Production Line: Items

1 Automatic Batching Station 2 Cement Silo 3 Screw Conveyor
4 Cement Scale 5 Compulsory Mixer 6 Belt Conveyor
7 Pallet Conveying System 8 Concrete Block Machine 9 Face Mix Section
10 Blocks Conveying System 11 Automatic Stacker 12 Fork Lift
13 Wheel Loader    


Automatic batching station

Compulsory mixer

—— Production Capacity——

 Honcha Production Capacity
Block Machine Model No. Item    Block Hollow Brick Paving Brick Standard Brick
390×190×190 240×115×90 200×100×60 240×115×53
QT6-15 Number of blocks per pallet 6 15 21 30
Pieces/1 hour 1,260 3,150 5,040 7,200
Pieces/16hours 20,160 50,400 80,640 115,200
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 6,048,000 15,120,000 24,192,000 34,560,000
QT8-15 Number of blocks per pallet 6+2 20 22 40
Pieces/1 hour 1,680 4,200 5,280 9,600
Pieces/16hours 26,880 67,200 84,480 153,600
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 8,064,000 20,160,000 25,344,000 46,080,000
QT9-15 Number of blocks per pallet 9 25 30 50
Pieces/1 hour 1,890 5,250 7,200 12,000
Pieces/16hours 30,240 84,000 115,200 192,000
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 9,072,000 25,200,000 34,560,000 57,600,000
QT10-15 Number of blocks per pallet 10 24 36 52
Pieces/1 hour 1,800 4,320 6,480 12,480
Pieces/16hours 28,800 69,120 103,680 199,680
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 8,640,000 20,736,000 31,104,000 59,904,000
QT12-15 Number of blocks per pallet 12 30 42 60
Pieces/1 hour 2,520 6,300 10,080 14,400
Pieces/16hours 40,320 100,800 161,280 230,400
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 12,096,000 30,240,000 48,384,000 69,120,000

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.