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U18-15 pallet-free block making machine automatic production line is a wall brick and paver forming equipment independently developed by our company. The effective production area can reach 1.3 *1.3 ㎡; the volume melting weight of products can reach 2400 KG/M3 and the water absorption rate can be less than 6%. The weight error of products is only (+1.5%) and the strength error can reach (+10%); the height error of products can be controlled to (+0.2 mm).Automatic stacking immediately after moulding, pallet free, no auxiliary equipments, consumables-free. Per shift capacity of 150,000 pieces standard bricks containing automatic packing , only need three workers. And later loading and unloading also need no manual!

Honcha Block Machine belongs to the general equipment of concrete block. By changing moulds, various concrete blocks can be produced, such as new insulation bricks, hollow blocks, multi-row perforated bricks, solid bricks, etc., various road bricks, such as interlocking bricks, permeable bricks, roadside stones, and various kinds of concrete block used for parks, airports, wharfs and other places such as hydraulic bricks, retaining bricks, flowerpot bricks, fence bricks, etc.

The equipment is suitable for manufacturing high-quality, high-strength concrete or fly ash blocks, and is one of the most advanced model in China.


1.Large forming area: the effective forming area can be 1.3 m *1.3 m.

2.High production capacity of single machine: 15~18 seconds can complete a molding cycle, each time can produce 18pcs blocks with size 390*190*190mm, the production of standard brick can reach 20,000 pcs per hour.

3.Pallet-free Production: immediately stacking after molding, without hundreds of thousands of pallets input.

4.High density molding: melting weight can reach 2.3t per cubic meter, water absorption rate can be less than 8%, high density allows less cement to make high strength products, high mud content materials can also produce high quality products

5.Save a lot of labor: molding immediately stacking, no need for finished products maintenance, transport, stacking and other support equipment.

6.Mobile module: the equipment is divided into several modules, which can be quickly installed on site and can be manufactured on the ground and can be transferred quickly with the project and market without the construction cycle.

7.Can do project operation for users, responsible for: quality management, capacity assurance, cost control, equipment maintenance, formulation process.

——Model Specification——

U18-15 Model Specification

Main Dimension(L*W*H) 8640*4350*3650mm
Useful Moulding Area(L*W*H) 1300*1300*60~200mm
Pallet Size(L*W*H) 1350*1350*88mm
Pressure Rating 12~25Mpa
Vibration 120~210KN
Vibration Frequency 3200~4000r/min (adjustment)
Cycle Time 15s
Power(total) 130KW
Gross Weight 80T


★For reference only

——Simple Production Line——

01 Block Conveying System 08 Screw Conveyor
02 Pallets Conveying System 09 Water Scale
03 U18-15 Pallet-free Block Machine 10 MP1500/2000 Face Material Mixer
04 Face Material Conveyor System 11 Cement Scale
05 MP330 Face Material Mixer 12 2-Compartments Base Material Batching Station
06 1-Compartments Face Material Batching Station 13 Base Material Conveyor System
07 Cement silo A Fork Lift (Optional)

★The above items can be reduced or added as needed. such as: cement silo(50-100T),screw conveyor, batching machine, automatic pallet feeder ,wheel loader, folk lift, air compressor.

Automatic packing machine

Planettary mixer

Control panel

Batching machine

—— Production Capacity——

 Honcha Production Capacity
Block Machine Model No. Item    Block Hollow Brick Paving Brick Standard Brick
390×190×190 240×115×90 200×100×60 240×115×53
U18-15 Number of blocks per pallet 18 50 72 115
Pieces/1 hour 3,240 9,000 12,960 20,700
Pieces/16hours 51,840 144,000 207,360 331,200
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 15,552,000 43,200,000 62,208,000 99,360,000

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.