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1.  Mobile solid waste treatment brick factory is to concentrate concrete brick production line into a container. Customers do not need to build a factory cycle, plug-in can be directly produced without on-site technical guidance and installation, brick production does not need boiler steam maintenance, no rail car transportation, direct winding maintenance with film winding machine, no manual stacking of bricks. It can be lifted and shipped directly.

2.  With the motor as the power source, the stability and applicable environment of the product are wider and easier to repair than those developed before. It can rotate and position accurately and reliably in the worst or dangerous industrial environment.

3. Products are widely used in electric power, cement, chemical industry, petrochemical, paper-making, metallurgy, mining and other industries. It has the advantages of high anti-interference ability, convenient use and installation, and simple on-site maintenance.

——Model Specification——

QT6-15 Mobile Block Making Plant Model Specification





External dimension 11700*1500*2500mm Oil station power 22KW
Total weight 15T Vibration frequency 1500-4100r/min
Total power 65.25KW Vibration force 50-90KN
Mixing power 16.5KW Block height 40-200mm
Mixer capacity 0.5m³ Cycle time 15-25S
Pressure rating 10-25Mpa Pallet size 850*680*25MM


★For reference only

——Production Line——

—— Production Capacity——

 Honcha Production Capacity
Block Machine Model No. Item Block Hollow Brick Paving Brick Standard Brick
390×190×190 240×115×90 200×100×60 240×115×53
QT6-15 Mobile Block Making Plant Number of blocks per pallet 6 15 21 30
Pieces/1 hour 1,260 3,150 5,040 7,200
Pieces/16hours 20,160 50,400 80,640 115,200
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 6,048,000 15,120,000 24,192,000 34,560,000

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.