Excellent quality Block Making Machine Made In Germany - QT10-15 block machine – Honcha


1. It can realize vertical production and optional layered material displacement, which can increase output and get a better appearance of products. 

2. Improved synchronous table vibration system effectively transmits the maximum vibration to the mould box, thus greatly increase block quality and at the same time extend the

3. With a production height of 40-400mm, it is applicable to the production of large block products, large pieces of hydraulic revetment and road traffic stone, etc. 

4. Honcha's unique distribution system combines Traveling Material Bin and enclosed belt conveyor, the system's continuous movement is controlled by photoelectric switch. Thus make it easy to change the raw material mixing ratio and ensures promptitude and accuracy.

——Model Specification——

QT10-15 Model Specification

Main Dimension(L*W*H) 3950*2650*2800mm
Useful Moulding Area(L*W*H) 1030*830*40-200mm
Pallet Size(L*W*H) 1100*880*30mm
Pressure Rating 8-15Mpa
Vibration 70-100KN
Vibration Frequency 2800-4800r/min (adjustment)
Cycle Time 15-25s
Power(total) 48KW
Gross Weight 12T


★For reference only

——Simple Production Line——




01 3-Compartments Batching Station PL1600 III 13KW
02 Belt Conveyor 6.1m 2.2KW
03 Cement silo 50T  
04 Water Scale 100KG  
05 Cement Scale 300KG  
06 Screw Conveyor 6.7m 7.5KW
07 Enhanced Mixer JS750 38.6KW
08 Dry Mix Conveyor 8m 2.2KW
09 Pallets Conveying System For QT10-15 System 1.5KW
10 QT10-15 Block Machine QT10-15 System 48KW
11 Block Conveying System For QT10-15 System 1.5KW
12 Automatic Stacker For QT10-15 System 3.7KW
A Face Mix Section(Optional) For QT10-15 System  
B Block Sweeper System(Optional) For QT10-15 System  


★The above items can be reduced or added as needed. such as: cement silo(50-100T),screw conveyor, batching machine, automatic pallet feeder ,wheel loader, folk lift, air compressor.

—— Production Capacity——

 Honcha Production Capacity
Block Machine Model No. Item    Block Hollow Brick Paving Brick Standard Brick
390×190×190 240×115×90 200×100×60 240×115×53
QT10-15 Number of blocks per pallet 10 24 36 52
Pieces/1 hour 1,800 4,320 6,480 12,480
Pieces/16hours 28,800 69,120 103,680 199,680
Pieces/300 day(two shifts) 8,640,000 20,736,000 31,104,000 59,904,000

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.