Europe style for Concrete Mixer Rate - Block Splitter – Honcha

——Main function——

it splits and separates concrete products to obtain natural surface effect. The equipment is generally used for the high-grade treatment of dry wall of the peripheral protection of landscape architecture, as well as the processing of water conservancy, hydraulic and municipal garden products. The blocks the can be split including all kinds of concrete wall block, pavers, and various kinds of concrete block used for parks, airports, wharfs and other places such as hydraulic bricks, retaining bricks, flowerpot bricks, fence bricks, etc

——Technical Specification——

Technical Specification

Maximum Working Pressure 10T×4
Rated Pump Pressure 15MPA
Maxinmum Cylinder Working Distance 10mm(pressing cylinder);side cylinder 5mm
Effective Platform Working Area 730×120mm
The Distance Between Platform And Tamper Head 150-230mm
Motor Specification 380v,overall machine power:3kw×2
Capacity Of Oil Tank 160kg
The Weight Of Overall Machine 0.75Ton
Dimension 1250×12100×1710mm