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Fully automatic line: wheel loader will put different aggregates in the Batching Station, it will measure them to the required weight and then combine with the cement from cement silo. All of the materials will then be sent to the mixer. After being mix evenly, the belt conveyer will convey the materials to the Block Making Machine. The finished blocks will be transferred to the Automatic Elevator. Then the finger car will take all pallets of blocks to the curing chamber for curing. The finger car will take other cured blocks to the Automatic Lowerator. And pallet tumbler can get rid of the pallets one by one and then Automatic cuber will take the blocks and stack them to a pile, then the fork clamp can take the finished blocks to the yard for sales.


1 Batching and Mixing Plant

The batching and mixing system consists of a multi-component batching station which automatically weighs and conveys the aggregate to the compulsory mixer. The cement is transported from the cement silo using a screw conveyor and automatically weighed at the mixer. Once the mixer has completed its cycle the concrete will be transported using our overhead skip system to the fully automatic block machine system.

2、Block machine

The concrete is pushed into place by a feeder box and spread evenly into the bottom female mould. The top male mould is then inserted into the bottom mould and the use synchronized table vibration from both moulds to compact the concrete into the desired block. The machine can have a fully automatic face mix section added to allow the production of colored pavers.
Optional block machine models: Hercules M, Hercules L, Hercules XL.

3、Pallet Elevator

The fresh blocks are cleaned to make sure they are all the same height and then transported to the elevator system. It can be manufactured to be from nine to twelve levels high with two pallets per level of bamboo or steel loader with the fresh blocks.

4、Finger Car System (Mother and Son Car)

The finger car system is built to the same number of levels as the elevator system and is designed to withstand the strain of unloading a max capacity elevator of blocks or pavers. It will transport and unload the cargo into the curing chamber for a pre determined time based on the factories geographic location. The blocks will be unloaded and transported to the lowerator.

5、Pallet Lowerator

When the pallets have been fully loaded into the lowerator every level is automatically unloaded on to the pallet return system and aligned ready for the cubing system.


6、Automatic Gantry Type Block Cubing System

The cubing system will collect the blocks or pavers from two pallets at a time and cross stack them onto the exit conveyor. It is equipped with four rubber covered clamping arms and hydraulically operated with 360 degree horizontal movement.

——Full Automatic Production Line——

Full Automatic Concrete Block Production Line: Items
1 Automatic Batching Station 2 Compulsory Mixer 3 Cement Silo
4 Screw Conveyor 5 Cement Scale 6 Belt Conveyor
7 Pallets Conveying System 8 Concrete Block Machine 9 Blocks Conveying System
10 Block Sweeper 11 Elevator 12 Lowerator
13 Pallet Tumbler 14 Automatic Gantry Type Cuber 15 Finger Car System
16 Central Control Room 17 Hydraulic Station 18 Wheel Loader
19 Fork lift 20 Curing Chamber  


Wrapping machine

Pallet turn over

Curing room

Dry side

—— Production Capacity——

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.

Production capacity
Hercules M Prouduction Boards:1400*900     Production Area:1300*850     Stone Height:40~500mm
Proudct Size(mm) Face mix Pcs/cycle Cycles/min Prodcution/8h Production cubic m/8h
Standard Brick 240×115×53 X 60 4 115,200 169
Hollow block 400*200*200 X 12 3.5 20,160 322
Hollow block 390×190×190 X 12 3.5 20,160 284
Hollow Brick 240×115×90 X 30 3.5 50,400 125
Paver 225×112.5×60 X 30 4 57,600 87
Paver 200*100*60 X 42 4 80,640 97
Paver 200*100*60 O 42 3.5 70,560 85
Hercules L Prouduction Boards:1400*1100     Production Area:1300*1050     Stone Height:40~500mm
Proudct Size(mm) Face mix Pcs/cycle Cycles/min Prodcution/8h Production cubic m/8h
Standard Brick 240×115×53 X 80 4 153,600 225
Hollow block 400*200*200 X 15 3.5 25,200 403
Hollow block 390×190×190 X 15 4 14,400 203
Hollow Brick 240×115×90 X 40 4 76,800 191
Paver 225×112.5×60 X 40 4 76,800 116
Paver 200*100*60 X 54 4 103,680 124
Paver 200*100*60 O 54 3.5 90,720 109
Hercules XL Prouduction Boards:1400*1400     Production Area:1300*1350     Stone Height:40~500mm
Proudct Size(mm) Face mix Pcs/cycle Cycles/min Prodcution/8h Production cubic m/8h
Standard Brick 240×115×53 X 115 4 220,800 323
Hollow block 400*200*200 X 18 3.5 30,240 484
Hollow block 390×190×190 X 18 4 34,560 487
Hollow Brick 240×115×90 X 50 4 96,000 239
Paver 225×112.5×60 X 50 4 96,000 146
Paver 200*100*60 X 60 4 115,200 138
Paver 200*100*60 O 60 3.5 100,800 121