Cheapest Price Hydraulic Concrete Brick Making Machine - Hercules S block machine – Honcha

Hercules is your best choice for -Economic -Durability -High Productivity -High Quality with wide range of products such as concrete blocks, pavers, kerbs, retaining wall units, planters and etc.

——Core Technology——

1.Smarter Factory &Easier Management * High Precise Laser Scanning System * Easy Production Date Management * Automatic Warning Sign And Stop System For Wrong Products * Real-time Production Process Monitoring Either By Mobile Or Computer. 2.Mechanical Parts * Main Frame Consists Of 3 Moveable Parts, Easier For Maintenance * Base Frame Is Made By 70mm Solid Steel Structure, Able To Stand Long-Time Strong Vibration * 4 Synchronized Vibration Motor, More Efficient Vibration, Frequency Controlled * Bolts and Nuts Design For All Spare Parts, User-Friendly For Maintenance. * Automatic& Quick Mould Change Device(Within 3 Mins) * Higher Block Height:Max.500mm

German Technical Programming

Over 100 product recipes provided

Easy operation-visualized touch screen

Precise frequency vibration

Control program-High capacity inverter

Remote control for trouble-shooting

Powerful Hydraulic System   

 Hydraulic pump with higher capacity(75kw)

 High speed control by proportional valves

——Model detail——

Vibration table

Filling box

Mold clamp

Quick mold changer

——Model Specification——

Hercules S Model Specification
Main Dimension(L*W*H) 4850*2150*3390mm
Useful Moulding Area(L*W*H) 1280*650*40~500mm
Pallet Size(L*W*H) 1400*700*40mm
Pressure Rating 15Mpa
Vibration 100~120KN
Vibration Frequency 2900~3400r/min (adjustment)
Cycle Time 15s
Power(total) 90KW
Gross Weight 15.8T
  ★For reference only

——Simple Production Line——

01 Automatic Stacker For Hercules S System 7.5KW
02 Block Sweeper For Hercules S System
03 Block Conveying System For Hercules S System 2.2KW
04 Hercules S Block Machine EV Hercules S System 90KW
05 Dry Mix Conveyor 8m 2.2KW
06 Pallets Conveying System For Hercules S System 4.5KW
07 Bulk pallet feeder For Hercules S System
08 Cement silo 50T
09 JS1500 Enhanced Mixer JS1500 48KW
10 3-Compartments Batching  Station PL1600 III 13KW
11 Screw Conveyor 12m 7.5KW
12 Cement Scale 300KG
13 Water Scale 100KG
A Fork Lift (Optional) 3T
B Face Mix Section (Optional) For Hercules S System
★The above items can be reduced or added as needed. such as: cement silo(50-100T),screw conveyor, batching machine, automatic pallet feeder ,wheel loader, folk lift, air compressor.

—— Production Capacity——

Hercules S Prouduction Boards:1400*700     Production Area:1300*650     Stone Height:40~500mm
Proudct Size(mm) Face mix Pcs/cycle Cycles/min Prodcution/8h Production cubic m/8h
Standard Brick 240×115×53 X 50 4 96,000 140
Hollow block 400*200*200 X 9 3.5 15,120 242
Hollow block 390×190×190 X 9 3.5 15,120 242
Hollow Brick 240×115×90 X 25 3.5 42,000 105
Paver 225×112.5×60 X 25 4 48,000 73
Paver 200*100*60 X 30 4 57,600 69
Paver 200*100*60 O 30 3.5 50,400 60
  ★For Reference Only ★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.